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Communicating Love

Communicating Love

Everyone knows that good communication is an important foundation for a good relationship. There are different ways in which people commonly speak and understand emotional love: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time. Most of the people communicate love in just one or two of these ways, and often we aren’t even aware of our particular ‘love language’ because it is something that simply comes naturally to us. For some couples, problems can arise when they have different love languages. For example, even if they have very similar interests and a lot in common, they may find that one person communicates love through acts of service, and the other through words of affirmation.

The persons whose love language is acts of service is most likely to show love through the things that they do for their partner. Whether it’s cleaning the house, preparing a meal, or washing the car something like that. However, the person who communicates love through words of affirmation longs to hear their partner say ‘I ‘m so proud of you’, ’You mean the world to me’, or simply ‘I love you’.

Words of affirmation

If your love language is words of affirmation, reassuring and encouraging words or compliments will communicate love really powerfully to you. An insult or unkind word will also have a greater effect on you than for someone who doesn’t find words as important.

Receiving gifts

If your love language is gifts, you will tend to appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort behind a gift as much as the gift itself. The value of the gift isn’t necessarily important to you-you will appreciate small and spontaneous gifts that show that you are cared for as much as you would appreciate expensive presents.

Acts of service

If your love language is acts of service, you probably show your love for someone through the thing that you do-things like offering to wash up for your partner after they’ve had a tiring day, even though it’s not your turn. You will feel really loved and appreciated when your partner does things for you.

Quality time

If your love language is quality time, you will feel particularly loved by the time your partner spends alone with you. It won’t necessarily matter to you if you go out for the day and it rains; the important thing is your time together.